Agile working or Agile organization?

Result driven or Performance driven?

Focus on Performance

Are you realizing your strategic goals?

Truly compliant or paper proof?

Charlie Knows. Focus on Performance.

Focus on performance is what we stand for. Tackling the operational issues that really matter, that make the difference as an organisation. Actually implementing strategy and making it work in practice. That is why we love our work and why our clients are satisfied.

Our clients are boards of directors and management with operational issues that need to be resolved. Well, quickly and permanently. We are successful in this because of our own structured approach combined with our years of project and line experience.

We do not write reports, we solve operational issues and implement these solutions in practice.

Our value to clients

Charlie Knows is a network organisation of interim professionals. Our clients achieve their goals by temporary support of project & interim professionals from our network.

We put you in touch with the right person to get the job done.

Our value for professionals

Charlie Knows is a network for and by independent professionals. Experienced people who enjoy a challenge.

Join our network to share and build your knowledge. Expand your sales network and build your passive income stream.

How do we help with our approach?


First, together with your employees, we realise a clear picture of your operational management. At the same time, we will clarify the existing bottlenecks and complexities for you. This unambiguous picture is our common starting point.

Plan of action

Then we make a plan of action. The aim of this plan is to ensure that the implementation of your strategy is seamlessly woven into an optimal day-to-day working method.


Together with your people, we implement the necessary measures, renew existing working methods and create clarity in roles and responsibilities.

Focus and realise

Your organisation and your people can now respond proactively to permanent changes. The organisation now has cohesion and focus. All daily activities contribute concretely and in a transparent way to the realisation of your strategy.


Interim Project- and Line Management

  • Temporary Interim Project- and Line Management positions
  • ERP implementation
  • Geographical relocation of a business unit
  • Refloating a jammed project
  • Implementing new legislation and regulations


  • Consultancy
  • Organisation scan (workshop)
  • Strategy transformation tool
  • Strategic Change Planning
  • Plan of approach
  • Innovation scan portfolio management
  • Business model change
  • KPI framework implementation
  • Set up new business unit or department
  • Implementation new product or service

You want to achieve your goals? We know how.

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Bartho Egberink


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Charlie Knows is a Crosslinx accredited agency.