Why become a professional at Charlie Knows?

Charlie Knows matches experienced interim project and line managers to a wide range of clients in various sectors.

Through our network we bring professionals in contact with each other. By sharing knowledge and sparring with each other we keep each other sharp and our development never stops.

How do we do that?

By organising (online) events and round tables, for example, and by sharing lessons learned and best practices.

Finally, you combine the advantages of being self-employed with the collegial feeling within Charlie Knows.

Other advantages of becoming a professional at Charlie Knows:

  • From within Charlie’s network, we help you look for a new assignment.
  • Charlie guides you during your assignment. 
  • You will receive an attractive fee if you bring in a new assignment, which will be filled by someone from our network.
  • Profit sharing.

Join our network, improve your skills and have fun!

Do you want to become one of Charlie’s professionals?

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